At present Xining’s most tight talent

reporters from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, to fully understand the various districts, each industry, each unit of the demand for talent, Xining city belongs to Xining city institutions and 105 companies visited the survey. The survey results showed that: the shortage of medical institutions, agriculture, financial and other personnel, marketing personnel for enterprises to.

institutions lack of medical and agricultural talents

according to the Xining authorities and institutions urgently needed personnel statistics, the current total number of 122 organs and institutions in the city to reach the total number of 865 people, jobs involving the following categories. The top positions of the demand are: medicine, agriculture, forestry, economy and finance, architecture, style education, Chinese language and literature, computer, law, etc..

, medical personnel accounted for 42.54% of total demand, that with the deepening of reform and the medical service system, medical security system gradually perfect, establish a comprehensive coverage of urban and rural medical security system in Xining City, covering the population continues to expand, demand of people to see a doctor is increase year by year. Ranked second for agriculture and forestry professionals, accounting for the total demand of 12.49%. With the gradual attention and deep development of green ecology in Xining, the demand for talents such as agriculture, greening, environmental protection, garden, etc..

enterprises in urgent need of marketing personnel


departments of social construction, energy, water conservancy, in-depth understanding of food and medicine enterprises, enterprises demand for talents, talents demand ranked as follows: marketing, service class, general workers, technicians, technicians, clerical, administrative, clerical and other buildings.

marketing class positions to occupy the first, mainly due to high demand, on the one hand is the employer hiring marketing personnel generally use the "low salary and high commission, buy insurance compensation conditions, due to the performance of the same industry, high pressure and temptation of job turnover is high, need to continuously add new; on the other hand is the enterprise in order to have a strong marketing team, enterprise human resources department to continuously recruit high quality and good performance of marketing staff, marketing staff recruitment will be listed as an important recruitment, survival of the fittest, stabilize and improve the quality of marketing team. Service positions ranked second, the main target of employment in the industrial enterprises in the third. Due to the low technical content, low pay, poor professional identity, it is difficult to retain talent. Skilled workers positions, front-line operators, is another difficult recruitment positions. According to the relevant departments in charge, a large number of front-line operators, mechanic jobs demand phenomenon exists for a long time.


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