How to put power into the cage system

The eighteen report of the

party clearly pointed out: "to solve the problem of corruption is not good, it will cause fatal damage to the party, even wangdangwangguo". This important thesis, not only embodies the profound grasp of our party to the serious harm of corruption and a clear understanding, but also reflects the anti-corruption struggle of our party to the strong determination and confidence, Chinese is the Communist Party of the new central collective leadership in the face of corruption risk showed a strong sense of urgency and a sense of crisis, is made look forward to the new official corruption governance of the people hate the loud answer. This important conclusion to the whole party, especially leading cadres sounded the alarm: not anti-corruption, bound wangdangwangguo! Anti corruption, Party members and leading cadres to practice, duty bound.

current, the power locked in the cage system, effectively solve the problem of corruption in the following areas:

one is to grasp the official german. Build a strong moral defense officials can not be greedy. Provincial Party organizations at all levels should consciously put clean government education into the learning plan center group, establish and implement the main party leadership on the course, new leading cadres honest knowledge training, testing, honest conversation and a series of anti-corruption education system; make full use of the square, parks, sports venues, party room, media, newspaper etc. the carrier, and actively promote the cultural activities; earnestly implement the party and government leading cadres to strengthen the Interim Provisions of the clean and honest administration spirit during the training in the school, School of administration, the new situation and task of anti-corruption education, warning education, party spirit education, the development of related special anti-corruption education into the classroom; take a variety of forms, strengthen the fine style of the party the education of revolutionary tradition and patriotism education. At the same time, improve the system of norms, official moral construction evaluation system and supervision system, strengthening the officials to establish a scientific achievements, the mass viewpoint, the concept of power and development concept, reinforce the ideological and moral foundation of official corruption.

two is grasping supervision. Formation of officials dare not greedy power operating mechanism. Judging from a large number of violations of law and discipline, corruption is often associated with the implementation of anti-corrosion system is relatively weak, there is no chapter, weak supervision directly related. Especially the individual unit leaders lack of strict supervision and management of the cadres and workers, to turn a deaf ear to the masses, to ignore the problems of cadres, so that in the course of time some small problems into big problems, even embarked on the path of crime. Therefore, strengthen the construction of supervision and restriction mechanism of power in the hands of officials, so that every industry, every department, every official of the power in the sun, in addition to play good, CPPCC, democratic parties supervision, but also give full play to the role of the masses and media supervision, increase the supervision and inspection of the property declaration system the system of reporting on important matters, and the implementation of relevant system for selection of people, highlighting the leading organs and leading group, especially the leaders of this focus, the formation mechanism of officials not greedy.

three is to punish severely. Officials do not want to corrupt mechanism. 2011, Qinghai province discipline inspection and supervision organs of 167 cases, including corruption and bribery, dereliction of duty, a total of 40 pieces of which, in violation of the provisions of the Ministry of discipline inspection and supervision organs of the province of;

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