Xining a serious violent act against the east district police investigation

9 month 23 days, Xining city Roca Bay livestock trading processing park occurred serious incidents, one is according to the implementation of animal quarantine officers were illegal trafficking households stab into severely wounded, another quarantine officers were also wounded after not working properly.

is on the morning of 5 pm, the city found the animal health supervision and 4 resident staff is concentrated into the point of slaughter quarantine of slaughtered livestock, individual households can not live a trafficking horse show "out of the county animal products inspection certificate" and "animal and animal products vehicle disinfection certificate", at the same time the declaration also conceal the slaughter of sheep quantity 16. To this end, according to the law enforcement officers in accordance with the rules of the implementation of the first quarantine. However, the set of national laws and regulations in disregard of, not only with the quarantine law enforcement personnel, but the threat of abuse, quarantine officers, and then to hold knives, sticks and other beatings and quarantine personnel, resulting in a young law enforcement officers stabbed and severely wounded, will also be another law enforcement officers hit manlianshixie.

It is reported that

, at present, the law enforcement officers was stabbed and severely wounded in hospital, east district police also launched a comprehensive investigation. At the same time, this incident has caused the provincial and municipal leaders and relevant departments attach great importance to.


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