What is beautiful Xining in your heart

  Xining / beautiful blue; the hearts of the beautiful Xining [about]: clean water through the city tens of millions of bridges in blue flowers, children, rotary Liulv swimming, Yingge splendor and luxuriant, hydrophilic livable…… One speaks of the beauty of the heart of Xining, from the mouth of the people out of numerous beautiful words. Half of the blue sky, half of the water, which is a beautiful picture of the beautiful picture of Xining. Ms. Ma said, after several years of governance, the people saw the increasingly clear Nanchuan River, she hopes Xining can have more water and allow more people to enjoy the scenery, as far as the "blue million" beauty. Beautiful Xining [· Department] in action: single pollution to the comprehensive management of the water as soon as possible in order to walk in the city, the city became a reality in the beautiful picture in the water ", from the beginning of 2010, I City, adhering to the" treat Ning strategy, water strategy of government "firm" flood control ", has achieved the Nanchuan river city core section of water into the city project, launched a comprehensive treatment of the Beichuan River, making the Xichuan river construction plan. After the river unremitting, river Huangshui city has improved the flood control standard, at the same time along the formation of 1 million 300 thousand square meters of water and nearly 500 thousand acres of green space, the former "dirty, chaotic, poor channel has now become a beautiful city landscape. According to the Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee deputy director Wu meason introduced, in order to carry out the water into the city, the city to strengthen the rule of sand pollution, closed hydropower plant, but also the river to the water, build levees, rubber dam, sluice, flood drainage culvert construction, fountain (pipe); installation of street lamps green lighting, taiwan. This year, the city will continue to increase investment, strengthen the Huangshui River (Xining section) sand control pollution control work, grasp the comprehensive management of the Beichuan River, Huangshui River Basin comprehensive management of change from single to promote pollution in pollution control, ecological construction, landscape and leisure as one of the flood discharge. On behalf of members have said: in addition to strengthening publicity, strong pollution control, increase capital investment, on behalf of members suggested that the establishment of daily inspection based, cross law enforcement, supplemented by inspections, inspection mechanisms. Environmental protection departments, water conservancy departments, such as regular checks should be carried out to cross sectoral pollution control. At the same time that the public must participate in Huangshui River Basin (Xining section) pollution control. (author: Sheng Nan) beautiful Xining to see traffic [say the beauty of the heart of Xining] road traffic safety, driving on the spacious road, pedestrians and vehicles;

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