Xining take measures to expand the implementation of the development strategy of employment and prom

January 16th, in recognition from the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau meeting was informed that this year, Xining city will actively implement the strategy of expanding employment, entrepreneurship to promote employment, skills training to increase efforts to promote employment.

this year, Xining city development strategies to expand employment, on the one hand, will further improve the public employment service system, improve the community labor security platform, to further enhance the grass-roots work platform employment service level and employment assistance function. On the other hand, to promote the full employment of the community to create activities, and strengthen labor cooperation with the industrial park enterprises, to create a large number of rural labor transfer opportunities in the near future. At the same time, we will continue to increase the intensity of labor export, strengthen labor cooperation with other provinces and cities, speed up the establishment of a stable labor export channel, expand the scale of labor export, and increase labor income.

Xining will also be on the business entities and entrepreneurs to give small loans, training subsidies, social security subsidies and other policy support, strengthen entrepreneurial services; will establish a business oriented generally visited and difficult enterprise key contact system, timely find out the employment needs of enterprises, help enterprises to carry out staff training, improve staff skills, reduce the risk of unemployment take the method; school enterprise cooperation, special recruitment etc., to achieve effective docking personnel and the post, conveying all kinds of talent shortage for enterprises; for all urban and rural registered unemployed persons to provide free guidance, occupation skill training and occupation occupation in the public employment service; to improve the employment needs of enterprises as the core of the training system, focus on the biological park, economic development zone, Gan River Industrial Park, New South Park enterprises employment of large amount of enterprises The training of new recruits to train skilled personnel.


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