The second stage Xining Datong Qinghai and Gansu team will fully protect the shirt

Qinghai and Gansu Eurasian teams look at fiercely as a tiger does, the team is not the same not resigned to playing second fiddle, climbing the second stage of the undercurrent, the smell of gunpowder.

after the first stage of the "bottom", the strength of the team how much has been revealed, so the teams will make the appropriate arrangements for the tactical stage for ranking and jersey. From the previous race around the lake, the second stage for the often more intense, Jersey may change. Italy – Taipei RTS Merida, Rambo has super strength off the ghoulishly sprint team players may want to prove the strength of the force, so no one can predict the variable of the match.

Xining to Datong Road flat stage, race distance of 165 kilometers, with three full sprint points, so the Lvshan biggest suspense. Qinghai tianyoude team will secure the blue, from the current best group of Asian record, Iran two teams ranked one or two, indicating good strength. But the Qinghai tianyoude team after a war yesterday, morale, believe that the boys will overcome difficulties, and constantly challenge themselves, to honor the team.

7 19, the team left Xining in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Guide. This lake race first Polka Dot jersey will be produced in the Guide stage to dopa.


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