Xining City north of the city to hire 225 compulsory environmental supervisors

is to promote public participation, strengthen social supervision, improve the area of environmental quality, protect the safety of the regional environment, recently, hired 120 deputies and 105 CPPCC members Xining city district environmental protection duty supervisor, to carry out environmental protection obligations for supervision, strengthen environmental supervision and inject new vitality.

the duty supervisor end for three years, they will exercise the power of supervision in the environmental protection department under the guidance of the north area, mainly perform six duties: to actively promote the policies and regulations of environmental protection and environmental protection knowledge; supervision and reporting environmental violations and environmental pollution; assist to deal with the environmental protection departments of environmental petition and other environmental disputes in a timely manner; reflect the environmental issues of concern to the masses to promote environmental protection work to the public; administrative law enforcement and supervision of environmental law enforcement personnel; positive suggestions for environmental protection work.


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