Sing the most dazzling national wind played the strongest solidarity

9 14, the Chinese people of the 56 ethnic groups gathered in Beijing Jingxi Hotel auditorium. In the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival Closing Ceremony Gala beautiful atmosphere, the theatrical festival awards results announced at the same time, our province delegation sent Tu original song and dance drama "Rainbow children" and "Song Xan Gan Bbu" two big historical Tibetan Opera repertoire from the country’s 35 talent shows itself from the delegation of the 43 programs. Won three awards, including "Song Xan Gan Bbu" won the highest award — drama repertoire award, for our province participating activities draw a satisfactory full stop.

do their best

show cultural confidence

Tu Tu Tu, embroidered clothing, liquor, Tu Ming bang bang, the wedding ceremony…… With the original song and dance drama "children of the rainbow" on the stage of the Grand Theater of the Beijing National Cultural Palace, the original ecological culture of the Tus is out of the Rainbow Town and into the eyes of the people of the capital……

curtain, a heavy sense of history, and has a huge sense of Thangka rich ethnic representation of the Song Xan Gan Bbu unified the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the creation of text, and the Tang Dynasty marriage and historical scene, the scene atmosphere that Mei Lanfang theatre was boiling, led the audience prolonged applause……

8 month 27 days, 28 days and 5 days in September 4th, two, the repertoire of our province appeared one by one in the Minority Arts Festival stage. And when the text, drama do wine, portrait shows the excellent culture of ethnic minorities in Qinghai, "sing the coolest folk style", played the strongest voice of national unity.

show capital ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, sold the theater All seats are occupied.

audience enthusiasm is not only reflected in the performance of the theater, in cyberspace is more widely lit. Minority literature and Art Festival the most popular repertoire of network voting after the start, people have for the two drama of praise.

"there is no grand narrative scene, there is no gorgeous stage skills," Rainbow children, "the focus is to show the production, life, festivals and other scenes of the Tus, fresh and simple, refreshing." Netizen happy every day to say so.


net is "elegant Tsurumai" netizen said: "my hometown traditional Tibetan opera stage in Beijing can finally meet with you, very excited. I believe that the hometown of children with the soul of the interpretation of this magnificent epic will let you feel the Tibetan culture of gorgeous unique charm!"

in order to make the capital of the audience can zero distance contact and understand the culture of minority nationalities in Qinghai Province, my delegation at the show, but also carefully prepared a lot of fun "program". "Before the rainbow children" live performances, the province of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative inheritors Dong Siming revealed the embroidered flowers, Tu, toast song, angel dance and authentic turkish culture, the intangible cultural heritage of our province of the showcase. The audience while tasting highland barley wine, while interacting with Turkish Folk Artists, feeling the charm of ethnic minorities in Qinghai.

"this is a festival of ethnic minorities in Qinghai paper;

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