Public rental Yaohao distribution countdown

These two days, with thousands of public rental housing waiting list ranking publicity, the city in 2015 the first batch of public rental Yaohao distribution countdown. It is reported that this year, including public rental housing, low-income housing construction, pay more attention to the project quality and quality, and strive to create a livable affordable housing area, at the same time, speed up the progress of the project, to ensure the completion of the project as soon as possible delivery conditions, accelerate the speed of distribution.

in addition to the house is not leaking, no cracks in the "hard" quality, low-income housing livable "soft quality" have not been ignored, in the recently held the city low-income housing construction project quality inspection, residential greening, underground garage and Qaidam road low-income housing project three low-income housing project match factory the overall layout, residential environment, housing apartment layout design, in the pursuit of quality and environmental aspects of the "soft quality" approach, got high evaluation personnel to observe the. According to reports, the city will further increase the low-income housing construction project quality and quality, will pay attention to detail and quality as the key area of low-income housing quality, build quality of low-income housing construction project. At the same time, will increase the protection of housing projects supporting infrastructure construction, and actively seek financial support for the policy, so that the completion of a number of batches to ensure the completion of the conditions of the housing project, phased distribution to housing difficulties.It is reported that the current

, the city in 2015 the first batch of allocation of public rental Yaohao preparatory work is being stepped up, the allocation of public rental housing information, list, score and other information has been publicized, widely accepted social supervision, Yaohao allocation countdown.

note: the newspaper on the recent 2015 public rental housing pilot distribution tracking reports, at the same time, to apply for public rental, rent standards, application of submitted data and application procedure contentinterpretation reports.


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