Province this year to promote employment channels

The reporter learned from the provincial employment (migrant workers) work leading group meeting was informed that this year, the province employment (migrant workers) work leading group to ensure the completion of tasks, to ensure that the goal of employment employment situation is generally stable as the goal, while maintaining stability, classification measures and policies to resolve the overcapacity in the placement of workers, employment poverty and employment of college graduates is the key. Strengthen the occupation training and public employment services, a good beginning for the realization of "13th Five-Year" employment.

  it is reported that this year, our province will properly resolve the resettlement of workers work and earnestly organize the implementation of "overcapacity in the transfer of employment poverty reduction action plan" as the "key", the employment structure will diverge on the potential, according to the internal job creation industry, allowing internal Tuiyang, public welfare posts reveal all the details "a group of four", and do a good job placement of workers, and to develop the resettlement plan. In the transfer of employment out of poverty, will actively build and nurture labor brand, increase the training of labor brokers, organizations to carry out various types of labor docking activities. Through accurate identification, information docking, orientation training, service docking and other measures to help poor people get rid of poverty through employment.

at the same time, continue to do a good job of college graduates focus groups employment, in-depth implementation plans to promote employment and college students start to lead the program, continue to carry out the innovation and entrepreneurship competition and other activities, the implementation of a series of policies and measures to promote the public finance and taxation, finance, land business innovation, continue to promote decentralization, to create a good business environment, and to increase business incubator support. Strengthen the occupation training, the rural labor force, focusing on training of short period, easy learning, out of poverty income quick fast track project, to the enterprise personnel training and retraining demobilized reorientation diversion. And focus on some of the unemployed, prominent groups, enterprises and regions as well as large employers to provide special services.


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