Two works in China won the China Population Culture Award

The fifteenth "China Population Culture Award" of folk art and propaganda category selection announced recently, our province two works on the list: Huangzhong County Health Family Planning Bureau recommended the "peasant painting" (Gu Yun Li Xiongying, the author build up the family fortunes, Hu Binghui, He Xiaoyan) won the award for outstanding folk art category, recommended by the province health education "health literacy in Qinghai province 88 knowledge Handbook" (the author first sign, Yang Lingzhi) won the award for outstanding propaganda category.

"China Population Culture Award" is the permanent national comprehensive arts award by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee approved. By the national health and Family Planning Commission (formerly the State Family Planning Commission), the Ministry of Radio Film and television China Federation of literary and art circles, China Writers Association and China Population Culture Promotion Association jointly organized in 1993, the selection of literary works respectively form of film and television works, stage performances and literature, art, photography and other works. In a nationwide selection once every 3 years. The award-winning theme of bright, diverse forms of art, publicity theme close to health planning industry, close to life, close to the times. Our province health planning administrative departments at all levels will promote the socialist ideological and moral construction and inherit the outstanding virtues, promote the basic national policy of family planning, hunyuxinfeng advocacy efforts, the incentive system of literary and artistic creation enthusiasm, to create a more healthy population culture theme of art, for our province health reform and development planning to create a momentum.

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