Xining will carry out non drug posing as drug special rectification activities

December 20th to the end of 2011, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration will carry out a two-year non drug posing as a special rectification activities.

special action focus on supervision and inspection of drug retail enterprises, a comprehensive inspection of food, health care products, health care medicine, cosmetics, disinfection products and not number mark violations and other non drug products as drugs. The inspection process, such as the discovery of these products in the labels and instructions declared with the functions, indications or express prevention and disease treatment function or medicinal effect as well as the behavior of drug product name and the same or similar name, will be suspended sales, and classification processing.

the rectification activities focus on examination of the four categories of products: with the name of "China Pharmacopoeia" (2005 Edition) contains the generic drug name identical "food size" and "health number", "consumer brand", "famous makeup" and other health related products; the name contains "China Pharmacopoeia" (2005 Edition) collected in the generic names of drugs and suggest a treatment effect, express "food brand" and "health number", "consumer brand", "famous makeup" and other health related products; in the packaging, labels, brochures containing prevention, treatment or diagnosis of human diseases and other related terms "food brand" "health number", "consumer brand", "famous makeup" and other health related products; the Ministry of health clearly not included in the special disinfection product management in the human foot, eyes, hair, nails, axilla and other specific department A product that has the function of disinfection or inhibition, and the product is characterized in that the utility model has the functions of prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases.


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