Gio de Maja Anthology

In August 4th, three foreign language version of the work of Qinghai provincial Party committee, Minister of propaganda department, a famous poet, Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival Organizing Committee Chairman Gio de Maja’s poems, speeches of round square launching ceremony was held in Guide County of fuzhou.

from Canada, the poet Francois · Ms Roy, as one of the translators, highly of these works, she said, "with the words" flame is in the form of poetry to express their love for their homeland and the praise of mankind. In the works, the land is sacred, each reader in the process of reading can feel a kind of land, deep love for nature, as the translator is no exception.

"writing" for the land and life is a compilation of 22 of Gio de Maja’s speech and a reporter asked. At the press conference, Fernando, chairman of the International Poetry Festival at the, said that, a poet who was a pioneer in China, was indeed a leader of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ·, and ·.  

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