By the end of this year the province’s 5793 fire village police posts

In order to enhance the level of safety management in agricultural and pastoral areas of fire, effectively enhance the masses awareness of fire prevention, since this year, the provincial public security fire brigade will fully rely on the Provincial Public Security Bureau launched the "village police" working mechanism, the implementation of the "one village one police fire management mode in the province. As of, the province’s 5793 village police will officially take the front line of fire work.

to create a good quality, excellent ability to fire the "village of police forces, public security fire combined with the Provincial Public Security Bureau formulated the" Qinghai province "village police" management measures ", the" village police "rights and obligations and responsibilities, personnel recruitment, treatment, daily management, security assessment of reward and punishment for the detailed provisions. According to the relevant requirements of the end of October this year to complete the 5793 "village police recruitment work, from November to December to the county as a unit to carry out centralized training and the organization of the village police" posts.

the province before the end of the year will promote the required fire "village police work infrastructure, office expenses, education and training, work allowance, personal accident, pension, medical and other work-related injuries, into the national economic plan and financial budget, take 35% according to the provincial finance, municipal (state) County two financial commitment the ratio of 65% as a" village police "payment delays subsidies, work actively to enhance the" village fire alarm "convenience and service in the masses.  

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