A tour of the park to upgrade a city transformation of Xining economic and Technological Development

Gan River Industrial Park in the circular economy has made new achievements continuously at the same time, it will be another batch of authentic farmers into industrial workers, will be a piece of wilderness into satellite towns.


the young Ma Hui Shaoxiong

from home to the company, about five kilometers apart, not nearly far, Ma Shaoxiong adhere to running every day to and from work, "this is a rare opportunity for fitness." Four years ago, he was the spring rouchard town of Huangzhong County village of a real peasant, never heard of the word "fitness". Now, he has become the official staff of the Yellow River Xinye Co. ltd..

four years ago, the Gan River Industrial Park land acquisition, Ma Shaoxiong after training, was assigned to the the Yellow River Xinye feed factory purification purification four class auxiliary purification feed industry. "There is skill on, no skill on the next." Because the shy, horse Shaoxiong’s words are not many, but he still remembered himself into the factory when the factory director say to you.

Purification of

has 28 employees a total of four classes, in operation and learning, we race each other, fall over each other, Ma Shaoxiong naturally far behind. Seven months later, in the purification of feeding branch skills contest, Ma Shaoxiong with skilled operation, more than 220 workers from the talent shows itself, won the first prize skills contest.

in August 2012, in the skills competition the Yellow River Xinye more than 2800 employees participate in, is the purification of the monitor of class two, Ma Shaoxiong won first prize. "In this year’s contest, I only took second." Has become a process engineer, two pay five insurance payments, a monthly salary of 4000 yuan Ma Shaoxiong "but said, get up for the first ride is my apprentice."

in this four years, Ma became Shaoxiong industrial workers from a farmer, and is self-taught University courses. According to the the Yellow River Xinye party secretary, deputy general manager Xue Wenpeng introduction, the Yellow River Xinye employees, 1/7 technical schools, corporate training after Gan River, from the park surrounding rural farmers.

rural youth Li Yin’s pursuit of

at six forty in the morning to get up on time, the Li Yin, Li Xiaoling couple, is a habit. "It’s still a bit difficult to get up early in the winter." Li Yin said shyly. The 25 year old Li Yin has 6 years of service, is now a worker in Qinghai Shandong Aluminum Co. Ltd. Fengxin constant.

Li Yin’s position is in front of the furnace operator, to pay five social insurance and one housing fund, a monthly salary of 3500 yuan. May be because of work reasons, his face a little red. Before Lu Feng, he went to work in the Yellow River recycled aluminum, while his wife Li Xiaoling is still doing the work in the regeneration of aluminum industry, after deduction of social security, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan.

go to work into the enterprise before, Li Yin is Huangzhong County town of Wonsan Ganhetan Seoul Village eight villagers, seven people in the family life, the whereabouts of all their hopes in the 8 acre of land. With the continuous development of the Gan River Industrial Park, once the village became a heavy industry, once facing the Loess back;

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