High speed traffic over the summer peak

Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau executives, with the arrival of the peak tourist season, our province highway ushered in the peak traffic, until mid July, our province a number of toll station traffic have been beyond the peak over the years.

it is understood that for the tourist season this year our province highway toll station service the Chang work, the Provincial Executive Council to create a safe and smooth running environment for the purpose of early planning, early deployment, early implementation, to take effective measures to ensure the safe and smooth Lane peak. Especially with the daily traffic to Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Menyuan direction increase, strict implementation of 24 hours on duty on duty system and the peak of the toll station system. According to statistics, only in July 19th on the same day, traffic in our province highway traffic has reached 213 thousand times, hit a car in our province highway traffic daily record. Over the same period last year increased by 7.58% to 198 thousand times the peak day. Until mid July, our province Chaoyang, Datong toll station traffic respectively over the same period last year rose 14.87% and 16.04%, DOPA toll rose 6.33%, through the work pressure increasing.  

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