nvestment in large scale Fish in Sour Soup Hot pot can get what kind of support

now seems to be a boiled fish cooking times, go out to eat you will find a lot of food and beverage brand projects are in the form of hot pot show. Today we recommend to you is still a good fish Hot pot brand Fish in Sour Soup times. So the fish hotpot brand? Look at the following Xiaobian for you in detail:

times Fish in Sour Soup originated in the "three days without clear, not three feet – three people, the" silver Guizhou plateau, it is with Chinese herbal medicine secret, natural fermentation of tomato and a variety of pure natural and sour soup, the fish and the pot clean profile.

times since 2001 officially founded the brand, the chairman of miss Cao Yang under the leadership of the enterprise development on the upgrade. So far in Beijing has a central production base and logistics center, R & D center and more than 20 stores, in 2011 began the development of overseas markets, scores and scores in the first five years of planning will be completed 100 stores in development target, ten year plan will be completed in large scale 300 stores, and strive to become the best brand Chinese catering industry. So what are the scores and scores of Fish in Sour Soup Hot pot to join support?

investment in large scale Fish in Sour Soup Hot pot can get what support?

times Fish in Sour Soup joined in support of

combined with Hot pot

assist site selection and evaluation

The headquarters of the

accredited professional personnel in the investigation site to join the city district, to assist the franchisee carries out on-the-spot investigation to find the shop, shop feasibility assessment. According to a survey of the building, merchants, customers, sales projection, operating profit and loss forecast data, the selection of the most suitable for the operation of "Guizhou times Fish in Sour Soup" quality shops for franchisees reference.

unified decoration and equipment

in order to maintain the brand image and the unity of the times, the two sides agreed to join the shop decoration style must be in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of the unified production, interior decoration and the door lamp design by professional design company headquarters designated, the design fee is 100 yuan / square meters, fixed construction team construction in accordance with the design drawings by headquarters.

human resources support

shop, providing personnel recruitment, personnel system and other reference materials. The franchise store is determined by the headquarters, guidance to assist franchisees to hire new workers, and arrange new employees to the headquarters unified training system, after the training arrangements to store each post internship, store decoration is store staff internship.

constant education and training

shop before the headquarters for the franchisee, the operating team for business philosophy

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