Several techniques for managing the shop

entrepreneurship shop is not easy, as entrepreneurs, not only to have a general grasp of the market, but also know how to manage the store. A well – run shops, there is certainly a broad prospects for development. On the other hand, improper management would lead to the final is likely to put up the shutters. Here are some tips to manage the store, look at it!

skills: a person posts

only the right people in the right position, to the maximum value of the person, but in store operations, operational adjustment is inevitable, when workers often will change, but sometimes it is better to recruit new people, and don’t feel free to change jobs, because of job changes will not only affect the the mood, for a strange position, it is difficult to make and adapt to.

skills two: Handling loss rate of


loss is inevitable, the loss rate is too high will cause a tremendous impact on sales, so the store management is a very important point is to manipulate the good loss rate, ensure that there are people on at the same time when the loss of personnel can immediately fill the gap.

skills three: manager as a

in a shop, the manager can not be ignored, he will help you manage the goods, sales clerk, health, and other work, when entrepreneurs hand shop or shop more and more, it is difficult to manage each clerk, but must manage the store or shop manager.


skills: effective management of

shop is a must comply with the system and to make the clerk, stern, so as to make the whole team orderly norms, such as the daily attendance, the statements of the submission site rest discipline, must comply with the implementation of staff management system, the punishment can not be. But on the other hand, the clerk is the ordinary people, should pay attention to the mentality, the camp clerk and I feel a direct impact on sales enthusiasm to life difficulties to assist the clerk and care, effective management.

tip five: appropriate encouragement

no one clerk or team hope that he is behind the task done well, they will have a sense of achievement, assuming a store management personnel will only use the penalty wrist, it is undoubtedly the overseer, appropriate encouragement will make people from the heart to accept and do better.

skills six: play the role of morning

sums up the previous day’s work every morning and sets up a new day’s assignment, which is the basic content of the morning meeting, but not just the morning meeting

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