Shandong ndustrial Tourism nnovation Conference held in China will vigorously develop tourism

raise the living standard of people’s material life has been greatly satisfied, then for the pursuit of spiritual life more, in the moment of spiritual life in sport tourism is a national obsession, so the development of the tourism industry vigorously is also a good choice. November 28, by the year of 2025, China will create 1000 national industrial tourism demonstration sites, the base of the 100 industrial tourism, the city of the 10 industrial tourism, for specific details, the following and Xiaobian together to understand.

28 day, held in Shandong, Qingdao City, the National Industrial Tourism Innovation Conference, the National Tourism Bureau announced the "outline of national industrial tourism development (2016-2025) (Draft)" to the public for comments.

it is understood that the industrial tourism demonstration sites refers to a watch, research, exhibition, leisure, health care, shopping and other functions, to provide the corresponding tourism facilities and service establishments, including the carrier of industrial enterprises, industrial parks, industrial exhibition area, industrial heritage and reflect important events, reflect the industrial technology research and technology the civilization.

forecast of the National Tourism Administration, the next five years, China’s tourism industry will enter a golden period of development, a total of more than 1 billion tourists trips, tourism revenue directly to a total of more than 200 billion yuan, realize the comprehensive income amount is likely more than 10 times of direct revenue, new tourism direct employment of more than 1 million 200 thousand people, to add more than indirect employment 6 million people.

Shandong Industrial Tourism Innovation Conference held in China will build 100 industrial tourism base, not only helps to enhance the people’s spiritual life, but also can effectively promote employment, but also effectively promote the development of economy. The outline in the country to create 1000 enterprises rely on the national industrial tourism demonstration sites, 100 professional industrial towns and Industrial Park Based on industrial tourism base, 10 in the traditional old industrial base based industrial tourism city, construction of the coordinated development of the product structure, urban and rural tourism in China the transformation and upgrading of the important strategic fulcrum.

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