Business should be grateful to competitors

has a competition, which makes the business more difficult, so many shopkeepers are very hate for competitors. However, at the turn of the year, a lot of people in the summary of a year of work and life, often on the support of family and friends thank you, but I think, don’t forget to thank the competitors.

since I ran the supermarket, I started competing with another supermarket in the village. In order to attract more customers, I try to ensure the quality of goods, improve service, for fear of a little relaxation, the customer was robbed of the supermarket.

later, whenever I heard what the other party to engage in activities, I will launch similar activities. Similarly, I have any business innovation, the other will quickly imitate. So, we have two other advantages of infighting, not too prominent, and I am not too weak. Sometimes, I am too tired, I really hope that the other side can close the door. Who knows, one time, the boss of the other side of the house because of the closure of a few days, and that a few days, but I do not have a little energy. Is the competition, has aroused my fighting spirit; is the competition, let me raise the management level unceasingly.

later, I moved to a new street, where the competition was more intense. However, in the face of more competition, I am not afraid. Because in the previous competition, I have accumulated a wealth of experience, the formation of a good psychological quality, these for me, is a huge wealth. Today, my supermarket business booming. A lot of people ask me what is the secret, in fact, is to dare to compete, in the case of stronger and stronger, is a competitor let me have a sense of crisis, let me continue to innovate.

if there are no competitors, shops undoubtedly will have a "one" feeling, so in the business process will inevitably erupt very much, go down for a long time, I don’t need competition, shops are difficult to maintain. So, we want to thank the competitors, the courage to meet.

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