Fruit business can make money What about profit

        fruit business has been in our life with development prospects immeasurable nowadays, fruit business can make money? Now college students start their own businesses are more and more, today Xiaobian to introduce you to a fruit business entrepreneurship, to see how he do the fruit business profits


        this is located in Wuhan, the fruit shop, the owner is just a three year old Hu graduated from college students, he graduated from the self-help started this fruit shop. What is the name did not feature four simple words: "fruit supermarket".

        but the fruit shop is really a little taste of the supermarket, the size of the fruit store is not large, about 120 square meters, there are about seventy or eighty kinds of fruit. All fruits have two-dimensional code identification (as detailed below).

        the fruit business how high profits? Hu gave the author calculations, a common case of seasonal fruits, sales gross profit rate of at least 50%, net loss, net profit rate will exceed 30%. If it is a number of high-grade, anti season fruit, the basic is to earn half.

        at the same time, Hu said, the money of the fruit shop is open in the community stores, fifty or sixty square meters of shops rent of about six thousand or seven thousand yuan, which is still high, accounting for up to a year, the average is sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan. Like their stores is to expand operations in 2014 was extended to 120 square meters, down one year, including utilities and other expenses, the cost of a year before the shop was only $120 thousand.

        as for labor costs, because they are just starting out, just hired a clerk, the rest of the work myself, and a lot of community fruit shop is pop, investment in this area is small, a year down labor costs up to not more than 40 thousand yuan. On the loss, the general industry, the loss rate is about 10%. Overall, Hu year cost is about 200 thousand yuan.

        Hu revealed that their stores are now average daily gross profit of about 2000 yuan, after deducting the costs and taxes, almost $about 500000 net profit.

        I believe you to open the fruit business profit is introduced, also have some understanding of College Students’ entrepreneurship, suitable for small business investment, the fruit is a good choice not to be missed, quick action to join the fruit business.

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