Five trick can let Mala shop bursting with popularity

hot and spicy although everyone likes to eat, but entrepreneurs want to open a good hot shop is not so easy a thing. Every entrepreneur may want their Mala shop can do every day bursting with popularity, but always could not find a way, there are five big trick to relieve depression.

table variable table, daily turnover of over 4 times

at first the shop owner that customers eat a couple of the majority, so the whole seat with double sofa, table selection table. The results are wrong, dining customers are mostly single, and many people do not want to eat with strangers at the same table, resulting in only one person on the double row four seats, while the outside is lined up. In addition, many customers after dinner, sitting on the sofa to rest chat, stay too long. These two reasons led to a daily turnover of only more than and 300 bowls, remove all expenses, almost no profit.

later, the boss to change strategy. Remove all the sofa, the original table into two small tables, and then with a similar small chair in Kentucky, the seat from the original 39 into a 94. Do not look down on this change, the result is that the daily turnover of four times. Because the first store contains more guests; secondly, the small sofa chair is not comfortable, many guests to shorten the residence time; third, the increased flexibility, no matter how many people eat, can be to fight for a small table, to avoid the past due to loss of chairs can not move the guest phenomenon.

the shops only sell milk or milk beverage. According to the owner, one is drinking milk or dairy beverage can effectively alleviate the spicy stimulation of the tongue, and let the tongue taste buds are more sensitive, more stimulating patrons appetite; two is the consumption of dairy products and beverage can effectively protect the patrons of the stomach, avoid spicy stimulation and appetite for diners.; three is tea etc. milk beverage profits higher than other beverages. Results are not >

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