Do business for customers

now numerous sales staff, is wanted to how the goods to sell, even after the customer has not satisfied, the sales staff is qiaosheruhuang, think only their own performance and profit. To do business, I am afraid it is difficult to have more repeat customers. So, if you want a good business, it may be true for customers.

recently, I went to a shoe store to buy shoes, the most fit size has been sold, want to change a pair of small. I tried it on, although a little tight, but considering the new shoes will wear loose, they pay to buy. The salesman refused to sell me the shoes on the grounds that my face was not right when I tried it on. She said: "I can not buy the shoes of customers to sell regret!"

this is a very humane salesperson, not only can read, and valuing the realm. In contrast, many of the people around us are difficult to do this.

than the shoe store, we may be missing is the kind of customer first sincerity. For the shoe store, it won the hearts of the customers, even though it was a little bit of money. We can also see that the shoe store is not simply to make money and make money, but to the business to a new level, the real business this read live. Therefore, there are so placed in the consumer’s business, the customer has no reason not to keep it in mind.

is now a lot of business people because of the overall environment, the thought of money, in line with the concept of service, I am afraid that will only make customers less and less, and then business can no longer stick to it. So, if you want to do business, so that their business is more popular, may wish to consider more customers.

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