2015 children’s market to make money six opportunities do not miss

2014 is about to enter the winter, a lot of friends are doing business in 2015. Children’s market is a very popular market, much attention. It is understood that the parents spent 20 years in recent years, children rose up to a factor of 500 times – this is not accidental. Speaking from the development of the market, the children’s market is indeed growing rapidly in recent years, but also makes entrepreneurs who are here to find a cup of soup. The following is the 2015 children’s market six big money making opportunities, do not miss!

1. children’s film

this year due to the absence of the manga and TV box will shunt is expected to impact good record, but the domestic box office is PK Rio 2  Hollywood masterpiece is a notable attraction.

2. children’s clothing

from the background, in fact in China since 2010 has entered the fourth baby boom, which brings the "baby economy" or the outbreak. China’s annual growth rate of up to 30% of infant industry, has become second only to the u.s.. Only for children’s clothing, it has a market size of 100 billion yuan (China existing about 314 million children under the age of 14, with the average price of 150 yuan each, each of the children’s consumption of 2 dress, China’s market capacity has more than 90 billion yuan) and 5 billion pieces of production scale. The market has to say is very attractive.

traditional clothing shop mode is being challenged, some record >

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