Children’s clothing stores need to prepare what

clothing store brand, choose the right brand to join, you can get a good income. So, children’s clothing store to join the need to prepare for what? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

(a) children’s wear market analysis

children’s wear market characteristics: consumer demand to brand, personalized, while the pursuit of fashion children’s clothing has also been improved. The children’s clothing market space is huge, that moment, on the market in 1 – 3 years old children, children 4 – 6 years old, baby clothes, children clothing is less, especially the child is interrupted serious. According to this feature you can open the children’s clothing stores can be decided to do brand children’s clothing, or do loose loan children’s clothing. Children’s clothing brand stores, how to choose the brand?

select the brand should pay attention to 3 points:

1. to understand the management ability of the partners, brand operation ability. This is essential, if the management is not strong sense of management, management confusion, it is necessary to choose to give up.

2. analysis of brand development potential (or brand strength). This is the key to the success or failure of the agent, if the brand itself is not strong market competitiveness, and ultimately eliminated, you can not be successful as an agent anyway. Therefore, we must first analyze the brand development potential and market acceptance of the brand, success or failure lies in this.

3. look at each other’s cooperative mode of operation, given the conditions of joining. For example, gold, deposit, return rate and discount rate, etc.. For the brand is not very good, and even refuse to deposit, refused to join the fee.

Analysis of competitive environment of


understanding of children’s clothing to join the competition because of children’s clothing to join the low barriers to entry, management of children’s clothing stores rivals more, but most businesses are very common, only a handful of children’s clothing store franchise can become a top representative, not capital restrictions, but the special needs of business clothing purchase judgment requires the owner the style, color, price, consumer psychology, there is a ready observation, but also need to have Ruili promotion ability, so the owners are unable to do it! If you have the ability to more than less, into the children’s clothing industry will be more careful!

(three) local market survey

local market investigation: if the local consumption ability, people with a high degree of brand, and children’s clothing store is not proficient in clothing, it should consider doing a single brand, go Union line, with the strength of manufacturers to develop the market; if the local consumption capacity of ordinary, no brand, only more suitable for a variety of by product >

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