Chengdu venture 5 minutes roadshow to raise funds of about four million

now the society often hold some entrepreneurial activities, some activities such as by a lot of entrepreneurs in popular areas in Chengdu recently staged such a venture exchange activities of Chengdu Tianfu jing.

How can the outbreak of

Chengdu "a treasure" 2 edition

billion of funds hit off power

"a treasure" in the event of version 2 officially released, the pool of funds has accumulated 260 million yuan. All of these funds will be used to help the rapid development of seed companies in Chengdu, all innovation and entrepreneurial companies have a loan eligibility.

5 minute project roadshow

to raise 4 million 760 thousand yuan of funds by

"since January 2015 the formal establishment of the company, as of now we have achieved a turnover of about 7000000, net profit of about 1000000……" "1 out of every 13 people in Chengdu are our users……" Faster than time, is the mouth of the customer.

in "wonderful 100 seconds" link, several young entrepreneurs with their own projects, in the countdown 100 seconds in the project display. Someone stepped on, take it leisurely and unoppressively talking, a second clock not bad finish display; others nervous, stammered or hasty ending.

In addition to the recommended

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