GF mobile phone bank function imperfecta chineselevel new cloud flash pay function

in today’s society, the major banks to survive a life and death struggle. Today, Xiaobian for everyone is the Guangdong Development Bank, I believe that many friends have to understand. So, what are the advantages of Guangdong Development Bank? What are the disadvantages?

compared to last year, GF mobile banking has changed little compared with previous years. Some insufficiency become the important points of Guangdong Development Bank, 2015 mobile phone bank evaluation, GF investment type are few problems this year has not been improved, the online application, online loan risk assessment function is still missing, flash back and white screen phenomenon have occurred. Comprehensive evaluation score was 80.25 in the middle of the top 19 mobile banking.

it is understood that the Guangdong Development Bank will be in the second half of the new appointment card service, and equipment binding services. In addition, fingerprint payment, face recognition and other new payment function is still in the preparatory stage, is expected to increase in June 2016.

a, functional (26.3 points / 35 points) financial products can not be online loans

open the Guangdong Development Bank mobile banking, account inquiries, no card withdrawals, transfers, personal loans and other common features in the main interface highlights the basic coverage of the user’s daily needs. Account inquiry button includes transaction details, deposit regularly, external transfers and I want to collect. GF mobile bank only supports the bank account inquiries, does not support his line queries, there are a number of GF card can be unified management by adding account. At the same time, into the Kara card reader to balance inquiries, the external transfer, is its unique function.

The lack of

bonds, foreign exchange, silver phase transfer is GF mobile phone bank financial has disadvantages, investment category currently includes financial supermarket, smart account, funds, investment and other gold. Life payment function covered by last year, more than a dozen areas to 26 provinces and cities in different regions to support the payment function is different. Overall, the project payment is relatively complete, but cannot check the record of payment, do not provide the payment number management, pay only a fast payment, payment can not make an appointment or automatic payment, some inconvenience to users.

credit card as a separate category displayed on the main interface, including my credit card, my points, I want to repay, I want to stage, GF mall, credit card repayment, activation and other functions. In the case of the majority of mobile banking applications to support online credit card, GF mobile banking does not have a credit card application function, may lose some of the potential customers. In addition, the credit card function is more complete, can query the details of the points, you can also enter the GF mall, directly in the mobile banking will be integral to the corresponding gift.

Guangdong Development Bank mobile banking currently can not apply for loans online, support for loan inquiries, loans, self financing, loan amount forecast, the amount of loan recommendation

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