Digital food opened the prelude to the innovation and development of the food and beverage industry

refers to digital TV believe that we are not unfamiliar, and referred to digital food, some entrepreneurs may not be clear. Online ordering mode to open, whether consumers or entrepreneurs are adapting to the new changes in the food and beverage industry.

at the summit, announced the Beijing delicacy development alliance development outline 2006. Delegates also signed a declaration on the Olympic Games catering industry in beijing.

2006, the development of delicacy alliance will combine the new economic era of service features, the use of the most advanced electronic technology and communication technology, digital technology platform to create delicacy has become the biggest highlight of the outline for the development of delicacy alliance.

by means of science and technology and communication technology the most advanced, to speed up the food and beverage industry information and digital revolution, promote the harmonious development of the whole industry, has become the industry consensus. Removal of the new revision of the food alliance network in the restaurant database, industry information, food search, online ordering e-commerce and other interfaces will become more massive and practical.

In order to meet the

The construction of

this series of digital platform, is to people’s daily food consumption behavior and mobile phone platform standards closely, so that the majority of consumers through a telephone, a mobile phone, a card will be able to fully enjoy the delicacy in the era of information consulting services and service life.

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