What are the procedures required to start a business class

than older generations, modern young people in the pursuit of fast and convenient to cook more. So more like to buy directly cooked food, cooked food chain business quickly popular. Many people want to open a cooked food chain, but I do not know what to do at the deli.

If the

1, practitioners health certificate – CDC for   very simple

2, food hygiene license – Health Bureau for

3, industrial and commercial business license – trade and Industry Bureau

4, state and local tax registration certificate –

health permit

for locations: the Government Center Health Bureau window

processing time: 15 working days

does not charge for the cost:

for information:

1, practitioners health certificate

2, the use of premises documents

3, health officer in charge of the document

4, business plan

5, check the disease report (food inspection)

6, a copy of the notice of nuclear name

1, apply for individual industrial and commercial households name should be submitted in advance registration documents, documents;


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