Spicy mom in order to allow children to eat at ease

a lot of young mothers after childbirth due to the care of children so there is no way to go to work, but a person at home are boring, want to find something to do, learn the following the hot mom, she is unwilling to remain out of the limelight with children in their business, at the same time, the purpose is very simple, hope that the child can eat safe Vegetable & Fruit!

entrepreneurship early heart: let children eat fruits and vegetables

, a former public company in Ji’nan, Huynin, a few years ago, the idea of entrepreneurship. In 2009 she left the unit, plans to open their own food culture company. Female entrepreneurs to choose their own interest, and good and love the industry, to consider their own characteristics, contacts, resources." Why choose delicacy as the business direction, Xiulining said. When the determination and timing of entrepreneurship are ready, Xiulining is pregnant, the business plan had to temporarily come to an end.

from production to children entering primary school, out of work for 7 years, Xiulining all the time to the child and family. Although the family as the most important, but he did not give up the dream of entrepreneurship. "During this period, I am most grateful to my husband, whenever I put my own ideas to communicate with him, he is particularly supportive of my business, but also for my advice." Huynin said.

a chance, Xiulining learned that a friend is Ji’nan city’s top import Vegetable & Fruit ingredients supplier, which makes her very heart, also encouraged her husband in the side, you have the resources why not share with other parents in the community?

after repeated consideration, she aimed at the import of fruit and vegetable food market, the creation of the brand "top fresh Tesco", the main high-end imports of fruits and vegetables and some local organic vegetables. Choose high-end fruit and vegetable retail business as a direction, not a whim." Huynin said, in recent years, more and more food safety problems, the problem of pesticide residues, such as ripener repeated, every time I see the relevant reports, she was worried about the health of children. How to let the children eat healthy fruits and vegetables has become her obsession.

"in order to let the children eat more healthy, including me, many parents try to let the children eat imported pollution-free food." Huynin said she found a lot of spicy vegetables around the entrance of food and vegetables have a great demand, and the market in our district and the surrounding or blank. Huynin said, now Ji’nan and Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities have some differences, the market selling imported food for pre packaged food, lack of import Vegetable & Fruit, so has the spending power of groups is lack of the purchase of imported Vegetable & Fruit channels.

independent entrepreneurship, this is my life the most happy, most meaningful experience

before the start of the business, while at home with the baby, while learning nutrition catering courses, and bought a lot of professional books recommend

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