Retail customers do business need to keep their word

each person’s life will have a certain motto to abide by, and this motto may follow the people’s life. In short, a person’s life, one is to learn to be a man, the two is to learn to do things. But whether it is a man or work, can not be separated from the basic principles of honesty and trustworthiness. Keep faith is to keep promise, not false fraud. Trustworthiness is an important manifestation of moral sentiments in professional activities, is the code of conduct of each employee should be.

dedication is a responsibility, but also an attitude. No matter what you do or what you do, you must have a professional spirit. While it’s not good for you to start a career, you can be sure that those who lack professionalism are unable to achieve real success.

in my near some retail stores, often the owner should, off-site unmanned phenomenon. In some cases, although it is clear that the door of the shop is open, but the consumer is not seen in the people, but unfortunately had to leave. Sometimes, when customers call on the door to see no one, two, the shop owner will run out from other stores. In the course of time these cannot be established on the phenomenon, will affect the business of the shop, resulting in the loss of customers.

I store north is a grain store, the shop owner is a 67 year old young man. In terms of the heart, the young man in the store is very good quality of goods, especially in his store a variety of small grains full grain, looking at people love. There is a special kind of sweet potato vermicelli and the vermicelli, is favored by the district residents near the love. But there’s one thing, the guy loves to play. Because of his new store opened soon, so customers are not many.

encountered no customer when lad comes to the side of the mahjong with a grilled, Shouyang will play some catch myself. He sat at the door rushed to play mahjong place, convenient at their own shops, customers to buy things, he put down the mahjong, ran in a hurry. Wait for customers to go, then go back to fight.

in the course of contacts, many customers will no longer to his shop to buy things. Shangcheng District Yonghe uncle Liu said, which is doing business backing ah, this is worthless. If you go on like this, sooner or later you’ll have to close the door. Maintained for less than a year, that the grain shop closed, so he three days fishing nets to do business for two days, more than ten thousand yuan a year rent earned.

a philosopher said: if a person can work as a career to do, then he was half the success. There is an old saying in our hometown: what to do. When you do business as a business, you are interested in money, not in business. You’ll be a quick success, even in today’s small market and big market will lose tomorrow, in order to give immediate petty profits and long-term interests. >

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