Shenyang to carry out entrepreneurship services into the University

college graduates now have a new graduation choice, that is entrepreneurship. Recently, the city of Shenyang to carry out the theme of the activities to send services to colleges and universities, graduating students will be engaged in the employment of entrepreneurship counseling, guiding the future development of College students.

12 2, deputy director of the Shenyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wang Zhengyu, deputy director of the Commission by letter, vice president of Neusoft Motor Holdings Neusoft Riedel education company president Li Yingao and 6 other members of the team at the Shenyang University, Shenyang technician college, Liaoning Korean teachers college 5 college students were preaching the situation, policy interpretation, business counseling and typical introduction, more than 500 teachers and students by the blitz.

Since the

"six" activities, focusing on "adult society" construction, to make every link, ensure the realization of the overall goal of high efficiency, normalization, they fully understand the University from the employment situation and the existing problems, collecting and combing the problems and suggestions to reflect Shenyang city on employment and entrepreneurship 105, the scene to solve the 14, they have teamed up with various departments, solve the internship positions, to provide mentors and related training for colleges and universities, 51 aspects to provide venture capital for colleges and universities for college graduates. The rest of the problem has been coordinated with the relevant departments of the city to form a solution, will be in the next step into the process of service delivery.

with double activity rising to new heights, with social entrepreneurship development also have better cognition. All walks of life are actively building a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship students, help college students to grow up as an early professional recommendation

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