A brief analysis of the entrepreneurial way of joining the project in Chongqing

joined the business of many entrepreneurs become the preferred investment approach, compared to its own business model, this is a way of entrepreneurship is a shortcut to wealth, also can be said to stand to create their own wealth career on the shoulders of giants. But for those who want to do business in Chongqing small business, to avoid joining the detour, we must consider the following aspects.

1, copy the taste of local characteristics. Layman see food prices are "money chain" model, and join the long-term procurement of raw materials, the secret sauce and so on, let the chain of food prices looks rather "Caiyuanguangjin" means. However, the industry is well aware that the success of the chain of food prices behind the scenery must be unlimited pay. Only a standardized taste, you need to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to support. Moreover, the intention of consumers will find that different places of Chongqing small shops will always make people feel the same as it seems different. The same is the service style, classification and taste characteristics of food products, etc., but not the same is mostly reflected in the subtle local characteristics.

For example,

stores covering one to three or four lines of the city Chongqing small noodles stores, a lot of people are working in the city and town have Chongqing small noodles shop, but look down, or Chongqing’s "enough", "the right home". The reason is that the Chongqing noodles in the base of the same taste, the taste characteristics of the local population, the bottom of the pot for fine-tuning. In fact, this is a very good understanding of the central city diners mouth of the devil spicy, Xiang Shu such a spicy region, it may also be a slightly spicy level. Really put the original Xiang Shu spicy moved to the Central Plains region, but the majority of consumers in the taste can not afford, the consumer groups will be greatly limited.

a certain think, do Chongqing small shop, can not do without standardization, there is no standardized system of meal prices did not play to join the chain qualification; and can not blindly standardization. Especially in terms of taste, not only in the standardization of the process of successful reproduction, but also on the basis of the reproduction of the local people to take care of the taste, the only way to find a living space.

2, the site is the University asked. Wine is not afraid of deep alley? NO, the current food and beverage industry, wine and incense can not withstand the alley deep. Many foreign brands lose, and even some of the expansion of the chain of catering business failure, the biggest problem is attributed to the site. The site is considered to be one of the key chain catering enterprises essential survival ability, the most typical representative of Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s. McDonald’s not far from there will always be a Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is not just a joke, but McDonald’s and KFC in the site is indeed similar.

is similar to the target consumer groups, which is the root cause of McDonald’s and kfc. And rely on big data systems, KFC and McDonald’s can be recommended when

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