How to do jewelry shop decoration design

a grade jewelry stores, decoration style must be very particular about. If you intend to open a jewelry store, then you learn from the decoration skills! So how to do the decoration of the new shop decoration design? Today Xiaobian will bring you together to understand.

in the jewelry industry rivalry means a lot for the first time entrepreneurial friends, jewelry stores interior decoration is very important, now the novice shop will inevitably encounter many obstacles, including the coordination of jewelry stores signs and font size and appearance, appearance appearance basically determine your style, and the font the choice basically determines your grades, if you are not the guest to the door of the store that people recognize you, this is certainly a sign of failure.

Jewelry checkout settings and the specific location of the store needs to pay attention to, the cashier is a professional store should possess. You can’t get money out of a bag like a market vendor. The size of the cashier is best to put a cash register, but also a certain position to put some brochures or promotional KT version. At the same time, the location of the cashier should also be marked on the brand LOGO and the best is to the door, let the guests come in when you can see, so as to enhance the visibility of the brand, while allowing guests feel that there is grade.


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