Ningxia new deal to support rural women entrepreneurship to solve rural problems

China in rural areas and agriculture has always been a can not be ignored, and now whether the rural or agricultural problems, and development cannot do without, now the country is vigorously promote farmer entrepreneurship and call.

to promote agriculture and rural economy to accelerate the development of agricultural policy, brings together the advantages of capital projects, leading the majority of women in rural areas, a large industry, a new career, before the introduction of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to support and promote women’s entrepreneurship development in specific policy measures in rural areas.

in the cultivation of new agricultural enterprises, to form a certain scale, with the potential for the development of women entrepreneurs, carefully guide, cultivate the organization of family farm development and cooperation, it has gradually become the development of agriculture and industry characteristics of leading local.

project in terms of financial support, in line with national and regional financial support policies, projects, funding conditions of women entrepreneurs to give key support, priority under the same conditions.



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