How to do holiday promotions

any one shop will carry out a variety of promotional activities of the name, and the festival is a hot time to carry out promotional activities. Many of our holiday, smoke hotel if the success of a good grasp of the holiday promotion, you can make a big profit. In the festival, buy wine and drink gifts has become a lot of people’s habits, smoke hotel boss this time should do is to develop promotional programs, greatly improve the sales of tobacco and alcohol, more money through the opening of the hotel to make money.

"once the golden week, the gold is coming". Facing the opportunity of holiday promotions, retailers how to win the market, to make a full house? Reporters take you to visit the market, understand the holiday consumption characteristics, trends, and problems, to seek a new way of holiday promotions, a good way.

look: grasp the trend to win business opportunities

combined with consumer trends during the holiday season, emphasizing their own characteristics, can be a good way to improve sales. My shop is in the vicinity of the community, there are people to visit relatives and friends in the holiday season, as well as the rest of the office workers, certainly very popular, smokers will increase. So I do the article on the flow of people, the store a lot of use of POP, the propaganda hanging flags, cards, posters are fully spread, creating a festive atmosphere of joy, to attract consumers. There is a slogan that "there will be a festival of Yellow Crane Tower", I was "I will serve the festival". One is the gift of the product, one is the service gift, to create a festive atmosphere for consumers. In order to better serve the community residents, I will launch a free delivery service." Chongqing Four Seasons Hotel Zhang boss laughed.

Grab: advance booking preemption

Festival, people visit relatives and friends have the habit of giving cigarettes to drink wine. Qingdao Heng source of alcohol and tobacco Hu boss is a caring person, I pay particular attention to the preferences of the guests, usually put them like what taste, often consumed which grades of cigarettes are recorded in mind. A month ago, I began to call them, or when they come to the shop to tell them what they need to call to book." This allows consumers to feel the high quality of care, but also to make the boss did not know when the purchase.

"advance booking is very important." Wuhan Yilong non-staple food Wei boss very agreed to Hu boss saying. My shop is a big business in front of the door, the relationship is good, usually I will get cigarettes in this, but they will choose a large supermarket. This year, I use the usual accumulation of customer resources to collect information to buy their units, the initiative and the relevant person in charge to negotiate, and finally won the other party’s identity. No, I’ve already booked several big deals."

potential: choose to raise sales

throughout the holiday market, the delivery of gifts is the most favorite hand

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