People from other provinces to apply for venture capital

is now in many places, some of the government’s subsidy policy has a household business and residence restrictions, is limited to local entrepreneurs, in fact this is hampered by a number of entrepreneurs in the idea of local enterprise.

"notice"   breaking the previous entrepreneurs must apply for business loans domicile policy restrictions, the scope of business loans to support appropriate to relax. Relaxation of the scope of the temporary limit in the Ministry of human resources and social and Provincial Department of human resources and social incubator incubator identified within the release of the household registration restrictions include the province and other provinces to Shaanxi entrepreneurs. This makes Shaanxi Province in the country to take the lead in opening up   provincial entrepreneurs to apply for venture capital loans, one of the provinces.

"notice" provisions,     by the base and its management institutions from accepting loan applications, clear   "entrepreneurship training certificate" is no longer as a precondition for individuals to apply for loan business. At the same time, the innovation of risk prevention measures, by incubation bases to the base of real estate or other assets for the loan applicant unified counter guarantee, not only solves the bottleneck problem of anti personnel entrepreneurship difficult to guarantee, and ensure that the guarantee fund and loan security, achieve "win-win  ".

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