The whole business secret five steps of the nternet venture

there are ways to success, five steps to success, do you know, in the pioneering work of the five step, the first step to think about, you are suitable for entrepreneurship?. Third, how to find the starting point of the business model, the first three steps are very important. Fourth, determine the ownership structure and the division of partners. Fifth is the continuous iteration and large simulation of commercial products, which is the entrepreneur’s five steps. Let’s focus on the first three steps.


. When you want to start a business, whether it is the Internet, or traditional enterprises, you do business on the first day, there is no one with no regrets follow you, especially important.

root. What is the change between the city, should be a person can not overcome the problem. Because you are familiar with the city, there are families and friends, there are good things to eat. But the real entrepreneurs in order to pursue their dreams, do not hesitate to carry the bag away, this is called rootless.

fearless. Ignorance is fearless, entrepreneurship is not to understand the process of understanding, so the time to start a business, I do not understand how to do. Whenever those entrepreneurs tell you, I want to be very clear about how to do this thing, do you think that things do not fly?.


If none of these four core features, you are not a qualified founder, also can not find a partner.

Second, how to find your partner


What is the

> standard to find a partner?

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