Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship development momentum

innovation needs new energy, start-up companies need the power of development, Heilongjiang province is actively help start-ups and entrepreneurs investment financing, and promote the healthy development of enterprises, to ensure people’s entrepreneurial quality.

2015 years, through the implementation of the three years of science and technology enterprises in the action plan, the province’s newly established group of scientists, such as the Harbin University of science and technology enterprises, such as the new, more than 7736 new undergraduate talent absorption. New base in Zhongguancun, such as the creation of a new incubator space 39, the newly founded college students entrepreneurial enterprises 228. And 9 domestic investment institutions set up a total of 9 investment funds, the total size of 5 billion 350 million yuan. Provincial Science and technology venture capital fund to guide the government to guide the establishment of a total of 16 sets of social capital to fund the establishment of the first phase of the scale reached $2 billion 350 million. The province’s 38 new technology listed companies (listed).

province technology front should firmly grasp by combing results, the establishment of the company, hatch, leveraging the capital market and accelerate the development of enterprises listed on the 5 key links to technology innovation to energy, build new advantages.

seize combing results link. Catch the trade show, carry out the transfer of scientific and technological achievements into action, a number of the industrial transformation and upgrading direction, the scale of investment and industry leading role of scientific and technological achievements, the formation of strategic emerging industries air plant. Grasp the increment, in-depth universities, institutes for screening in the province and will fall into the industrialization of high-tech achievements prospect, the introduction of China Chinese academy, Academy of engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology and other domestic key results of scientific research institutions in our province, landing transformation.

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