The seven key points in the initial stage of entrepreneurship

a lot of people are in the initial stage of business confusion, do not know how to do, people today network Xiaobian to remind the first venture, seven key points should pay attention to the initial stage, if you want to succeed in business is to have adequate preparation, the whole network to organize business matters at the beginning of the need to pay attention to, hope to help you start.

First, give full play to the advantages of

. If you have a certain area of expertise, then engage in this service or training. Beijing Forestry University, the army doctor, organized students to the school of agriculture, forestry technology to their hometown. If you do research on computer viruses, you may wish to hold high the "anti drug king" banner, door-to-door service antivirus, anti-virus.

Second, combination of interest. If you can combine the interests of entrepreneurial goals, it will be very lucky, it is happy to start a business, happy life. If you are interested in painting and design, you can engage in a professional studio, engaged in home decoration design, or web art design.

Third, correction of defects. Many products have a stable consumer groups in the long years, but these products often have some defects, as long as you start from the weak point of mature products, some functions and optimization, refinement, will be able to launch a new product, you can also get the original product to cultivate long-term customer resources.

Fourth, without this business. Initial stage, often faced with a lack of funds, may wish to find a way to do poineering work without money. For example, the accelerated pace of life, so willing to spend money to buy time, the people’s Congress, the city courier business came into being. So, similar business can not expand it? To save time for others to all areas, such as the generation of shopping, access etc..

fifth, seeking an alliance. If you have some advantages, but also face some difficulties in independent operation, you may wish to seek alliances with their own businesses to achieve complementary advantages of each other. For example, you have health care products of the new technology, can be linked with the existing well-known enterprises, with their management, funding and marketing channels, the introduction of products. This can achieve the sharing of resources, reduce the effect of investment risk.

sixth, good at learning. In an industry innovation is not easy, so learn to use other people’s success and creativity. In the process of learning to find their own entrepreneurial path, it is wise choice.

seventh, virtual sales. How to sell their lack of visibility of the product? This can be done through virtual sales. For example, you mastered the key technology of a drug, you may wish to enter the field of other well-known drug sales agent, clear each link of drug sales, and gradually establish a perfect sales network, their products penetrate in the process.

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