How to sell goods hit the phone

since the popularity of mobile phones, while walking while playing the phone are common, not to mention the other side of the phone while shopping. So, when the owner of the goods in the sale of goods if the customer hit the phone how to do? According to the views of customers select goods and money change, or wait until the customer call to make the deal? I think this is the problem that many shopkeepers are plagued by.

mobile phone as a communication tool in daily life, work, study, entertainment and ultimately it. Mobile phones directly affect people’s lives, no matter when and where you will see a lot of people in the use of mobile phones, in our shop is no exception. We often encounter some customers while playing mobile phones, while buying things, as the owner how should we deal with it?

day, from the outside in a fatigued with the journey lad, smoke cabinet on the display by a row of 20 yuan of cigarettes and I play charades. If it’s an old customer, I’ll know what brand of cigarettes he smokes. In the face of the boy, I probably only in accordance with the direction of his fingers to his cigarette, from Lanzhou auspicious, small Su smoke, Zhao Yuxi until I picked up the smoke, he nodded. Smoke and drink a total of 25 yuan, he gave me a hundred dollar bills, I gave him back to the $75, while the young man while playing the phone out of the shop door. I think in my mind, young people are working pressure is very large, to buy things are talking about work, it is not easy ah.

about half an hour later, the young man came back to my shop, the door asked me to take advantage of his cell phone to talk about the business did not pay attention to him to find less money? Is not the one hundred yuan as a $50 to get his money back? After hearing his words, it was a good man! I have no surveillance video and no votes, it is hard to say. I tried to explain to the young man when I take the smoke and change the situation, he still don’t believe me, insisted that his wallet change only 25 yuan.

I strongly argue that I gave him a 50 yuan, a $20 and a $5. The young man asked me if I was his wallet or purse When we flushed when a customer to remind the young man was not put the money in other places, never put the wallet. The boy pulled in his pocket, drew out 75 yuan, even a word of apology didn’t say a U-turn and drove away.

since the incident, when a mobile phone customers to buy things, I will not and they play charades, help them to take the initiative to take the goods, I always wait until after their mobile phone to give him to sell things, so that unnecessary misunderstanding. Encountered a side of the phone while playing with their own goods customers, how much of the goods they take how much I remember, until the customer phone call, one look over, pay the ledger. Never stop playing

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