nternet plus let women entrepreneurship plug wings

in today’s society, female entrepreneurship has come of age, around the women have been an unprecedented liberation, started the road to riches, especially the network business platform now, the majority of women entrepreneurs.

"80" Houhai girl Zhou Liangliang, is such a woman. She resisted the opposition of her parents, the real estate business into the tide of the Internet, shopping malls in Tmall mall, Amazon, Dangdang and other shopping platforms, successfully created their own leisure food brands.

2013, Zhou Liangliang learned that his hometown of Shuyang to provide preferential policies on the Internet business, the company moved back to Shanghai from Shuyang. Women’s network business incubators in Shuyang County women’s Federation and Shuyang Software Park, parmen Logistics Industrial Park set up cooperation, provide 2000 square meters of warehouse and office space for her, can save costs 1 million yuan per year. Shuyang County women’s Federation to give entrepreneurial loans support, network entrepreneurship training and publicity, but also to promote the rapid growth of her career, only last year to achieve sales revenue of 12 million yuan.

the provincial women’s Federation fully mature platform advantages of Suzhou Town Lake embroidery street, Nantong City, Xuzhou Suining China Haimen textile processing demonstration zone, established three exhibition center hand embroidery, knitting, textile industry as the leading regional characteristics, let women handmade products get normal display sales to enlarge the brand effect, radiation driven more women’s employment and entrepreneurship.

and the Provincial Department of Education jointly launched the province’s rural women "online" skills training for their open network time gate, open up the Internet Era "she economy to lay a solid foundation.

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