What are the operating tips of children’s paradise

if it is just a shop, not the pursuit of results, such a business is naturally very easy. However, for the current number of operators, since the shop business, naturally hope to be successful. In the current competition is so fierce on the big market, such a business also needs to be able to grasp more entrepreneurial skills. So, what are the business secrets of children’s paradise? Let Xiaobian to explain for you.

in recent years, parent-child interaction is very hot, activities to let the parents involved, as far as possible to strengthen the interactive activities; the content must be unique, can let the child have a deep interest in the game, children can learn from aspects of reality show. Marketing strategy of equipment for children’s play equipment has a certain timeliness, generally about half a year, after this time period, the child will lose freshness on this device. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly update the children’s amusement equipment, leasing equipment or cooperation can be taken to achieve the continuous renewal of children’s paradise equipment, in order to enhance the attractiveness of the customer.

of course, here the "equipment" is not only the children’s amusement equipment, also includes some services, after all, indoor playground customers in addition to children, parents are also very important, their needs can not be ignored, the indoor children’s playground can be added such as leisure entertainment area, water area, pool area, the shopping area, let parents can also enjoy leisure fun of their own.

children’s paradise business tips:

, when the indoor children’s playground operation after a period of time, to give the customer a kind of visual fatigue, suggests lower cost, re planning and adjustment of the various functional areas, transposition placed children’s amusement equipment, in order to maintain the freshness of customers.

two, to attract parents to do card consumption. This requires the use of an effective way, so that parents feel the advantages of the card, and for different customers should take different sales methods, the common way to attract customers to do card has the following:

1, integral mode: indoor children’s playground must according to their own local consumption level to do consumer programs are common types of cards, season cards, card. Membership card sales as one of the most effective way is to do card bonus points, points against the gift, do card can get 300 points, do card can get 1000 points. Different points can be exchanged for different gifts, such as 100 points can be exchanged for a cup, 1000 points is 10 times of free exchange with the children to play or play their membership card, this novel, relatively more attractive.

2, free experience model for children in particular want to play or dare not play, do not play, and parents do not hesitate to do the card case, children’s Paradise can be free experience >

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