Small meter store can also earn great wealth

speaking of kaimi shop, a grain store many people thought is perhaps the food inside the market, that can make money, people believe, but that make a lot of money, I am afraid not many people would believe. In fact, although the price of grain and oil stores may seem small, but these are the necessities of life, sales are very large. If the site in the right place, even if only the sale of rice, you can get a lot of profit.

speaking of kaimi shop, many people would first think of a long time ago somebody. Nowadays, rice store a lot of people, but the characteristics of the rice shops are not many, there are characteristics of modern business shop is less and less. Here to tell you a story:

Thai fragrant rice shop

Ping Ping in their own living near a residential area, opened the lives of the residents of the "rice" store. Due to the proper location, coupled with the use of flexible marketing methods, focusing on residents and small restaurants two main line customer service, so the business is better.

expand more varieties

surface, rice this thing is too general, the profit is too low. Can be returned from overseas but the business profit from Penny dig out of the pot of gold, her Thai fragrant rice store has been booming open for two years.

investment ideas always inadvertently generated. 3 years ago, she just graduated from university to see a lot of newspapers reported verbiage "poisonous rice" event, the resulting "packaging" rice idea: why not open a "Thailand rice" stores, recommended to the residents of the original brand of rice? But her friend is poured cold water on her, the rice business yields only 10%, rice store money era is long gone.

however, Ping Ping did not give up, she found to have lived in Thailand for a period of time with good friends, the research of investment strategy. If it is only selling rice, it is difficult to maintain a good level of profit. But they learned by reading the relevant reports, now many people are in sub-health state, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipemia patients increased year after year, while the grain is the most important nutrition and health care effect.

therefore, they thought, if the Thailand rice store to expand into a grain store, the success of a relatively large grasp. Therefore, do two of them at once investment partnership, go back to Thailand to contact friends purchase, stay here to find the facade of the Ping ping.

shop in a residential area

what kind of place to open the best food store? I think, since they walked the road of brand, can not "nest" in the food market food stalls. But it can not be too far away from the food market, because, to the market to buy rice customers are basically in the vicinity of the

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