Zigong smart city building large data center began to run

With the Internet plus

mobile era, our science and technology more and more developed, while shopping on the Internet, will be the big data monitoring, which can effectively infer what buyers need style, of course this is just one of the big data. September 6th, Zigong smart city big data center officially inaugurated and opened to run, marking the city’s wisdom to take substantial steps in urban construction. It is understood that the smart city big data center as a basic project of smart city construction in the city, based on "to promote the development of the application, based on growth, sustainable development, integration of the government cloud construction concept.

economy in the rapid development of science and technology in constant progress, in this era of rapid change, we need to keep up with the pace of the times, and constantly strive to develop their own. At present, large data center has been built to service management, data service room area of 1700 square meters, the core computing power and storage capacity reached 1350 nuclear 408TB, total memory number 12TB, bandwidth up to 10GB, will meet in Zigong from 5 to 10 years of service, business data set and construct should be used to enrich.

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