July sales do have to understand several tips

now is scorching July, stores have sales in the positive, to the business of the shop can also like the sun like fire. So how should we do sales in July? Here are a few tips to shop operators reference to ensure that the tube.

1, not because of good performance in the first half and laissez faire

2, not because of the development of resistance to escape

not because in the development process encountered problems and even escape panic. Problem is normal, no problem but not normal. Management of the problem on the management approach to solve the problem of the business on the way to solve the business, which is more able to enhance the management of the operator’s ability and executive ability. Such as commercial inventory problems, such as chain operation problems, such as part-time problems and so on, the author thinks that can face the reality and take it out of coping strategies, from the subjective to find reasons to solve, can solve the problem.

3, cherish valuable meeting time

The company is

4, avoid hot, rain time, energy and precise promotion

5, increase customer training, exchange of indoor workload

6, planning and implementing the three quarter key >

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