Second hand package business opportunities to start a year to earn 500 million

women love all kinds of luxury goods, so the brand second-hand bags have a large market, and the vision of entrepreneurs saw the junk business in the infinite money force, seize the opportunity to get rich, and strive to earn more.

Vintage business can do much? Annual revenue of more than 500 million Hong Kong dollars, said the Milan station, the secondary market can also find the luxury of spring.

second-hand bag shop

is such a sale of second-hand shop, you can often see on TV or at the end of the movie it’s name: Milan station, Yao Junda is the founder and President of it. It is also one of the most important places for Chinese tourists to visit Hongkong.

One afternoon

2009 years and 9 months, with $1 million 300 thousand in cash, Huang Rui in Milan station is located in the Tongluowan Times Square shop, saw in the window set their own the ostrich leather diamond Birkin package – Huang Rui very mind this long list, she made a special trip to Hongkong to pick up once again, take the evening flight back to Shanghai, it is for this lovely package.

In fact,

"Milan station supply has been very stable, fast turnaround money, we are willing to supply." Yao Junda said.

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