Tongji University in Shanghai the first landing of innovation and Entrepreneurship Project inaugura

in China’s current entrepreneurial environment, almost every university has its own entrepreneurial Valley, but are generally located in Colleges and universities. With the change of the entire entrepreneurial environment, a variety of cooperative projects began to rise up. Among them, the Tongji University to participate in the creation of cooperation Valley officially unveiled!

20, jointly built by Tongji University and Chengdu District of Longquanyi City, "Tongji University · Chengdu Longquan International Youth Entrepreneurship Valley" (hereinafter referred to as the "Genesis Valley") officially inaugurated the debut, this is the Tongji University in Shanghai in addition to the first floor of the innovation project.

according to reports, the "Genesis Valley" will play in the planning, construction, civil engineering, traffic, environment, automotive and other professional disciplines advantages, to mentor services, project introduction, scientific research as the carrier, to Chengdu and the directional transfer of hatching a number of scientific and technological achievements, foster the formation of a number of market prospects of industrial projects.

Tongji University party secretary Yang Xianjin said, "to explore the genesis Valley" to create a new school cooperation model to build the youth public record space, in the future to create Valley "to become" new heights "China western public record space, provide the impetus for the development of local economy.

Chengdu mayor Tang Liangzhi said, talent is the key factor of innovation and entrepreneurship, is to win the core support of regional competition, "officially inaugurated the genesis Valley", is bound to the agglomeration of innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent, enhance the vitality of Chengdu city innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is understood that, in the

Valley, through the review of the project team, that is able to get 5000 to $500000 start-up capital, while the entrepreneurial team to enjoy the office space rental and office space purchase subsidies.

in addition, the "Genesis Valley" is also equipped with the strength of the tutor team from the Tongji University, the teacher 23 people, Sichuan local teacher 13 people, including venture capital, media, electronics, automotive, construction and other areas of well-known professors and top talent.

"start the road is full of passion, and full of hardships, our mentors are successful entrepreneurial experience in related fields, to guide them to young entrepreneurs to solve some of the difficulties, to young people in the business." The general manager of Chengdu Tongchuang Valley Business Incubator company Dai Jing said.

"Tongchuang Valley" in the first phase of the total planning area of 6532 square meters, is currently facing North America, Europe and other overseas regions and domestic advanced developed areas of the successful introduction of more than 40 high-end project team settled, is expected within the next 1 years gathering more than 100 high-tech enterprises.

believes that such a project in Chengdu air plant, will be able to meet more Chengdu entrepreneurs dream, so when the recommended

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