Personal webmaster opportunity is to grasp

many webmaster regrets, four years ago when domain names everywhere, he did not register; three years ago, SP violent age, he missed. It doesn’t matter, don’t complain, opportunity to hold their own, always found himself and a lot of opportunities are missed in the back when. Don’t wait three years later to turn back and found that, ah, originally this is also a good opportunity to make money, and missed,


don’t say you don’t have enough time, technology is not hard enough, now the site has not rely on technology to win the era, in the strong technology, as long as you are successful, there will always be someone to imitate, of course not successful is another matter. For example, half a year ago maybe you wouldn’t mind, but today you may still go to watch, why a website so rapidly in the first half of the year can grow, until today many small conference will put Cai Liwen to pull such a character when the guests, a simple logo had who, to serious? Cai Liwen a small gadget to grow to a monthly income of more than 30 thousand yuan to a site with Discuz!, alimama and other large companies website, and the website traffic continues to grow, the income is still increasing, cooperation is gradually expand.

so he succeeded? It’s in orbit, find the direction, success is not far away, this time to follow the trend appeared, layout patterns are almost similar to but it can be said that they have of an identical nature, later will only choose the webmaster.

we should remember that graph King Trading Forum ( at the beginning of the time there are a few people about, including me in graph king, please write a set of technical trading system platform, can adhere to the graph king, now who can deny the Trading Forum success? In the current view, Trading Forum many benefits compared to the trading platform, the first forum to facilitate trading exchanges between the two sides, has a great promotion, on the second deal Discuz! System has many users, the security and stability of the system to write out a programmer can compare. Of course, Admin5 Trading Forum success eventually with perseverance and unremitting efforts of the graph king and ultimately to fruition.

Cai Liwen can successfully, graph king can be successful, there are many webmaster equally successful, why? They are not with us as long as the eyes of a nose, two nostrils? We are very young, opportunities around you, if you don’t succeed can only say you pay not to the wrong way,


cat I think many people have heard of it, he is a low-key person, in the webmaster not what fame, a person, but he has a great influence on my life is his idea, his direction I had been strongly opposed.

"Fortune Cat" many words, have a great impact on me, if you are interested, it is recommended to savor the next,


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