Webmaster forefront entity market support B2B website operation thinking

since last year has been in contact with a number of market entities (traditional large professional wholesale market, the number of businesses operating market size of about tens of thousands of households) based on large B2B e-commerce project, in-depth understanding of the actual needs of the market entity network marketing environment and business groups, the real market E-commerce project has profound this feeling, to support the market entity B2B website operation and general B2B website (including: Alibaba integrated B2B website and as China chemical network vertical B2B) as follows:

operational thinking

operational objectives: entity market launch e-commerce project, the construction of the front-end B2B website platform of the goal and general significance of B2B website operation target is different, the market entity B2B website platform operation target must be subordinated to the whole e-commerce project objectives, market entities start e-commerce projects are generally in order to improve the informatization level of market entities. The construction of B2B platform is the front guide and cultivate the market operators of network applications, network of product promotion and brand promotion, and the general significance of B2B website through the transaction, expected to bring together the two sides to achieve profitability, which is not to say that both parties reached through the trading platform does not expect real market B2B website platform, but through a transaction is not the ultimate goal in the operation of the B2B platform, but only It is a phased goal and step to promote the informatization of the entity shopping mall.

operators: General B2B site operators are generally professional Internet Co, the network background is deep, the ability of technology and cyber source is relatively strong; and the entity market support B2B site operators, the general manager is the entity of market (such as market management department or responsible for market management, market management company) they, on the real market enterprises (self-employed households) with daily management responsibilities, relatively familiar on the real market operation and the management of product and industry, but is also evident on the Internet, e-commerce, network marketing, lack of overall understanding in the operation of the electronic commerce project is powerless. The lack of operation of the main personnel knowledge structure and network awareness, resulting in the physical market B2B website operation team operation ability and general significance of B2B website operation team operation ability differs very far, so in general the real market B2B site operations team needed to assist the operation by looking for professional partners, in order to give full play to their own physical market and familiar with have the right management advantages, but also can ensure the professional level B2B website operation, in order to promote and improve the physical market informatization level, which is the fundamental reason for a large market entity B2B website to choose the new competitiveness network marketing management consulting cooperation).

user groups: General B2B site, the target user groups such as Alibaba and other smaller geographical restrictions, comprehensive B2B site potential user groups covering almost all walks of life of national and global enterprises, operators, vertical B2B websites generally for a row.

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